Hamster Cage

Little Hamsters, Lots of Fun!

Anybody? [2/19/10]

Xander again! Well, I haven't updated in a really long time (a month?). It really makes me sad that there are no members :( Not cool! 

Time we got cranking! Let's start rolling out those roleplayers, people!

News! [1/29/10]

Okay, Xander here. I have some good news, and bad news. Starting out with the good news, I've added the "Historics" tab, and am about to add a "Hello/Goodbye" thread to the forums. Second, I created a video to promote the site! Check it out and spread the word! Hopefully it gets some good views and boosts traffic. 

Bad news...

WHERE ARE YOU ALL? I'm the only member! I've been talking to myself for the past 72 hours! (So updating "you guys" is kind of useless, since "you guys" are nonexistent. But we'll pick that up soon!) Please please please join, I would really really appreciate it!

Hamha! (Important news!) [1/28/10]

 Welcome to the Hamster Cage! I bet you're wondering, "What IS the Hamster Cage?" Well, the Hamster Cage is a free roleplay game, based around Hamtaro. Who doesn't love the adorable little tyke? Whether you watched the english episodes in the US, or the Japanese ones, it's okay! You're free to come here whenever you please to meet new "hams," roleplay a couple scenes and see how you feel about it, exercise your ham-language skills (dictionary will be included!), create your OWN ham character, and meet lots of great people who love Hamtaro just like you.

(On a side note: Parents, it is completely safe to let your younger kids on here. I will personally make sure no one uses bad language/pokes fun/annoys the other members. This site is for all ages, but most preferably 9 - 15 year olds.)


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